Jessica Jarrell

It wasn’t too long ago, while in her mid-teens, that Jessica Jarrell was opening sold-out shows for Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson. Now at 22, Jessica is all grown up, on her own, and ready for the world to experience her unforgettable, magnetic voice and her sexy, incomparable style. 

Born in Diamond Bar, California, Jessica began modeling at the age of 4, appearing in print ads for Kmart, American Girl, and Mattel up until the age of 9 but it was an accidental audition for a singing role in a school Christmas play at the age of 11 that began Jessica’s love for performing and solidified her dreams.

At 13 years old in 2008, Jessica posted a video of herself singing Beyoncé’s “Listen” on Youtube. The video caught the eye and ears of Toby Gad, a producer at Def Jam who had worked with Beyoncé, John Legend and Fergie. Jessica signed to Def Jam, released the single “Almost Love” and found herself performing at the White House for President Obama’s annual Easter Egg Roll, and then starring in the Nickelodeon film, “The School Girl’s Movie,” with Nick Cannon. In 2009 she began modeling for Angela and Vanessa Simmons’ Pastry clothing label. She became the brand ambassador for the line, traveling overseas and appearing in ads and commercials.

In 2010 Jessica teamed up with Justin Bieber to record their duet, “Overboard”. For three months, Jessica traveled across the country with Bieber on his“My World” Tour, opening for more than 750,000 fans collectively and performing the popular duet “Overboard.”

In 2012, Jessica went on tour with good friend Cody Simpson, performing one of the four songs they recorded together, “Ay Na Na.”

Afterwards, Jessica hit the studio and started working on her own project. “I really needed to figure out what I wanted my sound to be,” she remembers. “I was writing songs and evolving as a person and the tours taught me how to be a performer, but what I felt was missing was a certain sound and so I got in the studio and started trying new and different things I hadn’t tried before.”

Jessica has since worked with and released songs with writers/producers like Red Jacket, Dem Jointz and was featured on Elephante’s electronic dance hit “Hold” (2016).

Jessica’s song “Gravity” (Red Jacket) has over 8.2 views on YouTube and “ track “Come Closer” (Dem Jointz) has over 2.4 million views.

Stunning and gifted, Jessica Jarrell has come a long way and her hard work, versatility, and perseverance has paid off in her newest body of work, 5 tracks with producer Alex Bilo , includes “How Was I” and this summer’s upcoming singles “100%in and “Anymore”.

 “Music is my passion and I hope from this album that people get a sense of who I am,” she says. “I want them to see what goes on in my head so they can feel like they know me when they listen to one of my songs. I want to be an inspiration and a light in their lives.”