Shernicia Mayers


Shernicia Marcia Mayers grew up watching her mother work as a full time seamstress. By the time she was old enough to start school she was familiar with the magic of a needle and thread, and fluent in fabric. Her love of fashion and well-made garments came to light when she designed a simple pink top for her aunt that, as she put it, "stuck to her like an identical twin". The top has since become a family heirloom, cherished throughout the years.

As her prowess grew so too did her natural progression from visual artist to fashion designer. The journey was swift learning as she went to design, cut, and construct complete outfits and then full collections.  She fearlessly solicited the opinions of fellow residents in her hometown, and before long was staging capsule fashion shows at the secondary school, and at the park.

In 2009 after being named Best Young designer at the Miss Teen Contest in Georgetown, Shernicia went on to participate inFashion Caribbeanthat year, and has become a featured designer at the event in subsequent years. Her work caught many an eye, resulting in a number of stints overseas including her first outing at the Summer Sizzle BVI, while still a secondary school student. It was her first trip to New York Fashion Week that really brought home the magnitude of the field she had chosen - she describes the experience as "eye-opening"  

In 2012 the designer saw her dreams come to fruition with the launch of her own brand Atelier Shernicia. By the following year she was presenting her collection at Tobago Fashion Week, and competing for first prize on Mission Catwalk,a popular show in the region inspired by America's Project Runway. She was ultimately in the final four out of fifteen competitors.